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The Canadian Advanced Digital Ionosonde (CADI) is a low cost, state of the art, flexible, full featured ionosonde ideal for both routine ionosphericCADI monitoring and research. CADI provides sounding capability using high power radio frequency pulses at vertical incidence.

The system integrates phase coding techniques, solid state electronics and PC technology to make CADI a significantly smaller and less expensive ionosonde. The system may be operated with single or multiple receivers. Observables include: echo delay (height) versus frequency; the phase and amplitude of the echo; angle of arrival; and polarization of the echo. Drifts can also be measured using the spaced-antenna method.


  • Atmospheric Research; The combination of portability, low cost, and ease of installation make CADI ideal for both permanent installations and campaign-type research programs of shorter duration.

  • Polar Cap Studies; Studies including Morphology and behaviour of patches and arcs.

  • Auroral Zone Studies; Measurement in stand-alone and in conjunction with optical and VHF/HF radar Measurements.

  • Equatorial and High Latitude Electrojet Studies

  • Ionospheric Monitoring; Scaling of standard URSI parameters. Data storage format suitable for World Data Centre Archives.





Extensive Features

  • Height Range 90 to 1020 km

  • Resolution of 6km

  • Multiple operating modes available.

  • Frequency Range From 1 to 30 MHz; User definable frequency steps allowing for almost unlimited number of frequencies and types of frequency sweeps. Digitally synthesized signals.

  • Noise Suppression; Pulse shaping to avoid spurious emissions. Coherent pulse averaging and FFT techniques used to improve signal to noise ratio.

  • Oblique Sounding Option

  • PC Based System; PC controlled Linux OS provides highly versatile setup with storage and analysis capabilities.

  • Operational Check; Internal calibration signal available for an operational "quick check".

  • Field Programmable Firmware

  • Durable steel equipment frame. Computer, monitor, keyboard, touchpad built in. No external peripherals required.


CADI Brochure

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